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Your child’s birthday

Time to celebrate

We make your child's birthday an unforgettable event. Together with your child’s friends, they all get to know the museum, explore glowing waterfalls, blue-red cellars full of tears or rooms with dancing stars. Ten meters below ground level and in a world full of light and shadow, they discover a unique museum with small experiments and get creative together.


You can choose from the following programmes:

Glowing Masks

The light works of art shine multicoloured in the dark basement. You want to catch the light and take it home with you. For this all design cardboard masks that can be decorated with lots of neon, glitter and luminous colours.

Glowing Masks Workshop
COLOUR your World!

Experimenting with colour foils. They stick to smooth surfaces as if by magic and immerse everything in colourful paint when exposed to light. Whether mythical creatures, underwater worlds or space adventures – imagination knows no limits!

Color Foils Workshop | Photo: ZfIL

A sensual fantasy journey into a subterranean world of light and shadow. Which shadow creatures live in Lux and Umbra? Will they be brought to life?

Workshop Lux+Umbra | Photo: ZfIL
Light Graffiti

Painting with light. Equipped with all kinds of light sources, children experiment in the dark with colour and light. With the camera and long exposure, colourful, unique photos are made. In the end, all children take their favorite picture home with them.

Light Graffiti
On the trail of Colours

Treasure hunt for 5-7 year olds.
An adventurous treasure hunt through the museum rooms, with tricky tasks to master and colourful lights to collect. Whoever can solve the mystery behind the colours at the end will also find the way to the treasure chest.

Olafur Eliasson | The reflecting Corridor | 2002 | Photo Frank Vinken
Top Secret!

Treasure hunt from 8 years
Children become secret agents and have to try to open the mysterious briefcase! Deep in the cellars of the old Linden brewery there are tricky puzzles to solve. Will the numerical code be cracked?

Kinder | Foto Frank Vinken



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