Willkommen im Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst Unna

Private Tour

Contemporary Art and Industrial Architecture

We welcome you and your group to a fascinating guided tour through our worldwide unique collection, as well as through our temporary exhibitions. Our art mediator accompanies you through the labyrinthine vaulted cellars of the former linden brewery, which is extraordinarily staged by the expansive light installations by international artists. Experience an unforgettable museum visit for all senses.

The final Extra: Skyspace

Round off your private tour with a special experience: James Turrell's Skyspace, which only shows its magic at sunset. The artwork was designed specifically for Unna and reveals a colourful play of light of a unique beauty at dusk.

James Turrell | Third-Breath | Photo: Frank Vinken



Fee 70,00 €
Surcharges Per person 10,00 €
Skyspace twilight illumination 60,00 €
Day Monday 60,00 €
Tuesday to Friday 0,00 €
Saturday, Sunday and holidays 20,00 €
Language German 0,00 €
Other 20,00 €
Reduction Groups from technical colleges, universities, vocational schools 20%

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