Willkommen im Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst Unna

Private Photo Tour

Keith Sonnier | Tunnel of Tears | Photo: Frank Vinken

Unusual pictures in unusual places

Get exclusive access to our museum to create professional images of our light art installations and our charismatic industrial rooms with a camera and tripod. A maximum of ten people uncovers every corner of our photogenic 3500 square meters in two hours’ time.

Aesthetic, industrial and unique

Ten meters underground there’s plenty of variety for any form of photographic expression:

Historic Architecture
Industrial Architecture | Veranstaltungsraum | Photo: W. Hannappel
Light Art
Rebecca Horn| Lotusschatten | 2006 | Photo: Frank Vinken
Industrial & raw
Wall Detail | Photo: Frank Vinken
Light & Darkness
Detail | Keith Sonnier |Tunnel of Tears | Photo: Frank Vinken



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