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  • Finalist ILAA 2017: Satoru Tamura | Point of contact for Unna (2017) | © Frank Vinken
  • Finalist ILAA 2017: Tilman Küntzel | Audiovisual spatial installation with a chandelier (2017) | © Frank Vinken
  • Finalist ILAA 2017: Vroegop/Schoonveld | Echo, turning the light around (2017) | © Frank Vinken

International Light Art Award 2017

22.04. – 03.09.2017

This year the Centre for International Light Art and its partner, the innogy Stiftung für Energie und Gesellschaft, the second edition of the International Light Art Award.

It is our aim to show works by emerging artists, who develop light art further in innovative and creative ways. With the award and the accompanying exhibition in Unna, the Centre for International Light Art offers future generations of light artists a platform. New technologies, energy use and sustainability play an important role in this bi-annual competition.

The second award was announced to the public as an open competition, and almost 300 applicants from over 40 countries took part. The jury, chaired by light artist Keith Sonnier, consists of Jurgen Bey, Martin Hesselmeier, Andreas Muxel, Gregor Jansen, Christina Kubisch and Pedro Cabrita Reis.
The three finalists will present their works – which were created specifically for the award – in the museum’s barrel-vaulted spaces.

1. Place: Satoru Tamura (JP) will present an oversized electric switch that creates sparks on a brass rod. The “Point of contact for Unna” illuminates a column of light bulbs. Tamura’s aim is to create a pure, self-reflective work without any further meaning. He views light as a phenomenon rather than as technology.

2. Place: Tilman Küntzel (DE) will present his “Audiovisual spatial installation with a chandelier”, a piece that almost has a theatrical quality to it, which involves a chandelier that lies on the ground as if it has fallen from the ceiling. The lights from the chandelier’s 40 flickering light bulbs come and go independently, as a result of faulty switches.

3. Place: The artist duo Vroegop/Schoonveld (NL) will present “Echo, turning the light around”. This work entails 200 rotating lamps, each with a black-and-white chequered pattern, that together form the sign of infinity. The visitors get caught in the interplay of light, movement and rhythm as they approach the sculpture. ‘Turning the light around’ describes a Taoist meditation technique, centred around the effort to bring together the inner self with the outside world.


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